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The first in Albania for hair transplant

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The “Laser Way” clinic is the first and largest clinic in Albania, offering exclusive hair transplant services!
With its modern branches in Tirana and Pristina, the Laser Way clinic makes the difference in the market, being the first and only clinic that applies the most advanced D.H.I technology – DIRECT HAIR IMPLANT.

Since 2004, the “Laser Way” clinic has performed over 15,000 hair transplants. And when it comes to hair transplant, we all want the same result: a natural result. This is accomplished with microsurgical hair transplantation, the most advanced technique used for permanent hair replacement. This method does not change the hair growth process. The result is completely natural and practically unnoticeable.

High results and thousands of satisfied customers, in almost 20 years of experience, have already transformed Laser Way into a leading brand and clinic in the region in the field of hair transplant. Do not wait, but contact for a free consultation, rely on the quality, dedication and professionalism of the Laser Way clinic to regain your hair!!

With Laser Way, thicker hair

What do we offer?

Hair transplant techniques

Direct hair implantation (DHI) is the most advanced transplant technique available for hair treatment and restoration. Through the DHI method, the hair follicles are first extracted from the donor area before being transplanted directly into the recipient area, without the need for scalpel cutting or placement with tweezers.
Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a hair transplantation method in which individual hair follicles are removed from the donor area using a special tool before being implanted in the target problem areas. SAPPHIRE FUE hair transplants are minimally invasive procedures with a short recovery time.
The recently applied beard transplant procedure is a simpler procedure that gives excellent results. This procedure varies from 3 to 6 hours in terms of duration, depending on the surface to be planted. It is performed under local anesthesia, just like hair transplantation. This means that the pain will not be felt either during or after application.
The eyebrow transplant surgery is a procedure that must be worked with more delicacy, strictly in terms of shape and structure. After the first month, the emergence of new hairs begins. After the 6th month, the eyebrows come out intensely. As local anesthesia is applied during the operation, you will not feel any pain


Amazing transformations of our clients


Clients impressions Satisfied with the result 

The impressions of some of our special patients who honored us by choosing “Laser Way”.

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Frequently asked questions

A free consultation with a specialist at the “Laser Way” clinic will provide you with information on the causes of hair loss and the methods available for its treatment.
After the evaluation that will be made by our specialist, it will finally be established whether or not you are a candidate for the transplant procedure. Here your hair loss will be analyzed, your expectations discussed and possible alternatives presented.

Factors that determine your candidacy for the transplant procedure include the number of grafts needed to achieve the desired result, the existence and density of the donor’s hair, the texture of the hair, and the possibility of further hair loss in the future.

A follicular unit is a natural group of hair follicles. Individual follicular units are very small and grow irregularly.

With the techniques used by “Laser Way”, the follicular units are usually preserved in their natural structure. This is important, as you get the maximum amount of hair, which helps to achieve the most perfect and natural result possible.

A “micro-graft” is a graft with 1, 2 or 3 hair roots.
The ultimate goal of any transplant procedure is to give the client a natural look, achieving optimal density and a virtually indistinguishable result, but without compromising the donor area.
There are several techniques that can be effective, but it is the physician’s responsibility to choose the best method of achieving the goal for each particular patient.

Yes. Hair transplants can be very effective in covering visible scars caused by various accidental injuries to the scalp, including burns and major scalp surgery.
Modern transplantation techniques allow the doctor to place the grafts before, after and even on top of the scar tissue itself.
However, enough donor hair is needed to cover the signs, so only your individual and free consultation at “Laser Way” can give you the answer if the hair transplant procedure will be the solution to your problem.

Hair transplants have been successfully performed for over 40 years. Recent advances in the use of hair follicular unit grafts have substantially influenced the results of hair replacement surgeries.
Transplanted hair looks natural like the rest of your hair, for the simple reason that it is hair that grows naturally.
One of the most important benefits of a hair transplant is the fact that the transplanted hair will grow for life and never fall out again.

The question you really need to ask yourself is: Can you afford not to have a hair transplant?

Hair replacement today is cheaper than ever. After a detailed assessment of your hair problems and a discussion of your expectations, we will be able to give you a realistic estimate of the time and expense required to reach your goal.
The only important thing that should be considered by each client is to obtain the desired natural replacement and density within the available budget.
A hair transplant is only worthwhile if it satisfies the client.

While cost is an important factor and should always be considered, it shouldn’t be the only factor in your choice. Unlike other hair loss treatment methods, the cost of each transplant procedure is one.

The “Laser Way” clinic adapts the procedure and payment according to the circumstances and budget of each client.

The “Laser Way” doctors continue to be pioneers of the most advanced microsurgery techniques used for hair replacement.
The staff of our doctors with 25 years of experience achieves natural and aesthetic results by perfecting the techniques of preparation of grafts and micrografts.
Using the techniques “Hair Plus” and “FIT” (Follicle Isolated Technique), maximum results are obtained, the grafts are artistically positioned in different angles and directions, so that the final result looks as much as possible to natural hair.
Each treatment plan is tailored to the individual’s needs.
Since hair transplants are permanent, your decision will last a lifetime. Therefore, your choice should be the “Laser Way” clinic, the first in Albania to perform hair transplants

Hair loss is a lifelong problem. We recommend that you address this issue early, before it becomes apparent.

An early start allows the transplant doctor to mask the work and allows the transplanted hair to grow back gradually, unnoticed.

There is no age limit (our patients range from 18 to 80 years old). There is no need to wait until the hair loss is over, as there is a certain age at which this happens.

The doctors of the “Laser Way” clinic calculate the hair loss you will have in the future and prepare an intervention plan in order to always have a natural appearance.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfecting of transplant microsurgery techniques, this time has already come. Once you become familiar with the extraordinary results achieved by the “Laser Way” clinic staff, your only regret will be “Why you haven’t done this procedure before”. Start counting the growth of your new hair instead of continuing to count the hair that falls out

The scalp is very elastic. Once you have taken the strand with the hair, it is sufficient to bring the two ends of the skin together and sew.

The only visible evidence of the surgery is a thin line hidden under the hair that grows vertically in the back of the head.

Yes. There are methods by which the rate of hair thinning and loss can be slowed or stopped.

At the “Laser Way” clinic we practice the most advanced method for the treatment of weakened hair and the treatment of hair loss: the professional laser for the regeneration of hair follicles.

After a detailed ANALYSIS of your hair, which is carried out in modern laboratories through the “Capillure Test” method, it becomes possible to DIAGNOSIS and identify the factors that cause hair loss, as well as determine the potential needs of essential micronutrients that influence the richness of healthy hair.

PERSONALIZED THERAPY for each client is determined on the basis of the results of a detailed analysis and careful diagnosis and includes replacement therapy with micronutrients adapted to the needs of the individual, as well as the use of the professional laser for oxygenation and regeneration of hair follicles

Specific questions for women

Hair loss is caused by factors such as heredity, hormones and age.

Genetic information determines whether hair follicles are sensitive to the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and other hormones that cause them to “shrink”. This “shrinkage” results in a general and gradual weakening of the hair.

Furthermore, the aging process can weaken the follicles and therefore the strand of hair. This results in thinning of the hair and the removal of skin surfaces from it – permanent hair los

Yes. Hair transplants can be very effective in covering visible scars caused by various procedures, including cosmetic procedures and major scalp surgeries.

Modern transplantation techniques allow the doctor to place the grafts before, after and even on top of the scar tissue itself

Yes. Selected very fine hairs from the scalp are transplanted into the eyebrow area to correct cosmetic defects, previous facial injuries or other conditions that have damaged the eyebrows.

The transplanted hairs will grow faster than normal eyebrows.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor for a complete diagnosis before seeking a hair transplant, because hair loss in women is caused by several factors other than androgenetic alopecia, which can damage new hair transplanted.

In order to prepare an appropriate treatment plan, it is important to seek a dermatologist or transplant specialist who is trained in this field.

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Bekim PerajBekim Peraj
14:43 10 Sep 23
Very Friendly Stuff working they did a very good job and the results came better then I expected i would suggest them to everyone else
mlskjd jkhgsmlskjd jkhgs
13:15 07 Sep 23
They will do the procedure only if it is possible to have a good result , true professionals
Armand PicariArmand Picari
13:39 16 Aug 23
I saw the results from some of my friends who did their hair transplant with Laser Way and it was great, so I decided to go with them for mine too. The whole process was very smooth, the staff was professional and friendly. Highly recommend them for your hair transplant.
Martin DodaniMartin Dodani
13:05 14 Aug 23
I am very happy, I have a perfect result, no one notices
oli mucaoli muca
11:35 12 Aug 23
I am very satisfied with the whitening of my hair, also the staff is very correct
Giorgos PapoutsisGiorgos Papoutsis
17:43 02 Aug 23
Everything started 2 months ago when I visited the layserway clinic and I have to say: what a customer treatment. They came to the hotel and they transferred me to the clinic and they brought me back.While I was there, they were very kind to me. Everything was just perfect to the littlest detail. After 2 months the results were great. I would recommend this clinic for any that is seeking tha kind of service. Just perfect
Michael HunterMichael Hunter
16:32 01 Aug 23
They did a terrific job for me.I was in excellent condition; the clinic is immaculate down to the last detail, and the personnel is friendly and helpful above all else. The transplanted hair has all come back after about a year, and it is clear that the surgery was done exceptionally well because it gives a natural appearance.I believe the money I spent was a good investment. As a result of my own experience, I suggest visiting this clinic.
Idneu IdneuIdneu Idneu
05:03 17 Jul 23
I recently went to Laserway Clinic and was blown away by the experience. The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and the facilities were top-notch. The procedure itself was painless and the results have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a hair transplant.
Fatjon MeciFatjon Meci
11:57 15 Jan 23
The experience with the clinic was really great overall. The staff was very flexible with setting up the transplanting date and quite good at explaining what to expect.The transplanting itself was long, but the doctor was excellent and very detail oriented. She did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend to anyone to go for the DHI transplant with her instead of other doctors and options in the clinic.There were clear instructions after the procedure and you need to go back to the clinic after the first day to check.I am writing this 16 days after the procedure and my hair look already amazing. I am expecting shock loss in the next weeks and will update the review with more details in the coming months.
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