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Eyebrows Transplant

Eyebrow implantation is a procedure that must be worked with more delicacy, rigorously both in shape and in structure.

How does the eyebrow transplant work?

  1. Medical examination and shape: As a first step, the patient is consulted with the doctor, first by tracing an outline of the eyebrows, taking into account the anatomical position and symmetry. Based on these data, the definition of the eyebrows, the thinness and thickness plan is carried out.
  2. Root recovery: the area between the ears is preferred as the donor area. Eyebrow transplantation is performed with individual hair roots taken from this area.
  3. Local anesthesia: Since local anesthesia is applied prior to the procedure, the patient does not feel any pain.
  4. After local anesthesia, the eyebrow implantation procedure is performed according to the plan determined during the examination.

After the eyebrows transplant

During the first month after sowing there is a fall of about 80% of the threads. After the first month, the emergence of new eyebrows begins.After the 6th month, the eyebrows come out intensely.

It is recommended to wait 1 year to evaluate the final result of the eyebrow planting.

Is this operation painful?

Since local anesthesia is applied during the operation, you won’t feel any pain.

The importance of the aesthetic aspect increases every day. Problems related to the shape of the eyebrows can create psychological difficulties in addition to aesthetic anxiety, such as lack of self-confidence and decreased motivation. Contact us without wasting time

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